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The Presiding Bishop, Distinguished Guests, Fellow Methodists, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted and deeply honored to be present at the launch of this year’s education week under the theme: “Rekindling the Methodist Evangelical Heritage: My God, My Home, My Work.”

As we remind ourselves of the rich heritage handed down to us by the early missionaries, which was deeply exemplified by their passion and quest to win more souls for Christ and their zealous commitment to educating Ghanaians, it is also appropriate to reflect on their contribution to the socio-economic development of the country. The significance of this is seen in the many secondary schools established in virtually every nook and cranny the church evangelized. Tall amongst them is Mfantsipim School and Wesley Girls’ High School, two of the best secondary schools in Ghana. The typical Wesleyan education is an all-round kind of education, involving the spirit, the heart and the hand. The spirit so the individual can have a life-long relationship with God; the heart so he or she can imbibe values that are acceptable; and finally, the hand so he or she can craft an enterprise or be useful in the world of work.

In a generation that is increasingly resistant to these indomitable values that shaped our world a few decades ago, one of my persistent worries is: how do we rekindle this all-important heritage? And I will like to look at it in relation to the theme.

♣ My God: Parents and teachers must lead their children to God. They must help them discover their God-given purpose so they can live fruitful and impacting lives.
♣ My Home: Parents must teach their children life values and basic skills that make them responsible citizens and model parents also.
♣ My Work: Schools must prepare the minds and hearts of students to be leaders with integrity, extending God’s glory through their chosen careers.

Solomon, the wise king of Israel in Proverbs 3:13 – 18 opined that, “blessing, honour, long life, pleasantness, and peace are reserved for those who find true wisdom and understanding.”

Your generation is arguably the most blessed in history. The discovery of the internet, social media, a plethora of educational opportunities and a millennial workforce that is passionate, purposeful, innovative and entrepreneurial, places you ahead in many respects. I believe you cannot fail! I therefore urge you all, as we celebrate this year’s education week, to pursue true wisdom and understanding and be willing to serve, wherever you find yourself. God richly bless you.

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